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3 Number of Locations
52:26 Average Escape Time
56% Average Success Rate
10 Available Games

What Exactly is an Escape Room?

An escape room is an interactive mystery to solve. Your team is locked in a room, and must use teamwork, keen observation and critical thinking to gather clues, discover hidden objects and solve riddles in order to break free. It’s a live entertainment puzzle that is great for parties and team building. Clue Carré offers ALL PRIVATE EXPERIENCES! You will never be paired with other players not in your group! 

The Voodoo CemeteryThe Voodoo Cemetery

New Game

You and your friends managed to steal Marie’s last remaining bottle of love potion from her parlor. This theft has angered the spirit of Marie Laveau. You and your friend and accomplice, Molly, have been hearing voices calling to you ever since that fateful day. The voices are compelling you all to go to Marie’s resting place, St. Louis Cemetery #1. Molly has a gameplan ready. Can you help Molly with her investigation into Marie’s Voodoo curse and find a way to quiet the taunting voices once and for all?

New Orleans Location Only

6 Max Players
75% Success
27:25 Record

Revenge on the BayouRevenge on the Bayou

The tales of Julie White, an evil voodoo priestess, have swirled through the Manchac Swamp like the storms that have plagued the area since her death. While there are those who believe there’s more to Julie’s story than meets the eye, those that sought to explore her cabin have either turned back in fear or disappeared into the swamp. Now, you have stumbled upon her dwelling as a storm builds on the horizon. Can you solve the mystery of Julie White and bring peace to the swamp before being swept away in a torrent of wind and water?

New Orleans Location Only

8 Max Players
50% Success
28:36 Record

The Vampire’s LairThe Vampire’s Lair

You are all brave and intrepid vampire hunters, long on the trail of one, Antoine Devillier. You have tracked him to his secret lair and infiltrated it, but unfortunately Devillier is a very powerful vampire and only one weapon can defeat him: the stake of Van Helsing. Devillier has obtained that stake and hidden it somewhere in his manor. Can you gain access to Devillier’s crypt, locate the stake, and end his reign of terror before sundown?

New Orleans Location Only

10 Max Players
40% Success
30:51 Record

French Quarter House of CuriositiesFrench Quarter House of Curiosities

Arriving at the French Quarter House of Curiosities to meet your friend Selma, the door unexpectedly locks behind you. What’s going on in this innocent little shop? Where is Selma? And what is the weird shop owner keeping hidden in the back room? Unravel the secrets of the Curio Shop before the stars align and you find yourself stuck in the shop forever – or worse!

New Orleans Location Only

7 Max Players
55% Success
21:15 Record

The Game MuseumThe Game Museum

Welcome to the Evolution of Games exhibit at the Clue Carré Museum of Games. As humanity has evolved over the centuries, so has our ability to fulfill possibly our most primal need: to play games. From thousand-year old games like Go and Mancala through today’s video and virtual-reality simulations, we have filled our free time with cards, boards, dice, and all manner of monsters to defeat. This time, the monsters are the games themselves. Can you play through the millennia of game history in under an hour, or will you be left staring at the two most dreaded words in history: GAME OVER?

Metairie Location Only

8 Max Players
50% Success
32:49 Record

The Carnival HeistThe Carnival Heist

The Vieux Carré Art Gallery is hosting a ball to showcase the new jewel of its collection – the King’s Crown. Security may be tight, but the main gallery is off-limits to guests for one hour – giving you just enough time to pose as gallery staff and steal the King’s Crown for yourselves. Can you get into the gallery and back out with the priceless art, or will you be caught red-handed and spend Mardi Gras in the slammer? (A few game specific notes: This is a split-start game meaning that the team will be separated in the first part of game and thus can not be played with less than 2 players. Recommended for parties of 4 or more and any groups of children 14 or under will require two supervising adults to play)

New Orleans Location Only

8 Max Players
60% Success
27:004 Record

The Sheriff’s OfficeThe Sheriff’s Office

You and your friends had a blast last night sipping moonshine till the wee hours – maybe a little too much fun, as you’ve woken up in the Parish holding cells! The Sheriff has had his eye on you for a while, and you’ll be transferred to the maximum security lockup in an hour – just as soon as the Sheriff gets back from lunch. Can you take advantage of his absence to escape your cells, investigate his office, and bust out of the slammer, or are you doomed to spend the next few years doing hard time? The teams are separated into two holding cells and must work together to break into the Sheriff’s office. **Please note that this game is located upstairs**

Metairie Location Only

10 Max Players
70% Success
35:57 Record

The Naughty ListThe Naughty List

New Game

Here at Clue Carré, it is Christmas season all year long! Just because Christmas is over, doesn’t mean Santa isn’t watching. Somehow your name has landed on Santa’s Naughty List and that just won’t do! Time to sneak into Santa’s workshop and see if you can locate the coveted list and erase your name before The Big Guy gets back in one hour! Be prepared to have Christmas cheer for all to hear, spread joy and love, and help your fellow teammates who are also on the Naughty List. ** This is the same game from our downtown location in 2018 **

Metairie Location Only

8 Max Players
72% Success
35:30 Record

The BookieThe Bookie

Last night, you smooth talked your way into playing cards with the city’s most notorious ring of gangsters. By the end of the night, you found yourself at a total loss on every hand dealt. But as fortune favors the bold, you decided to go all in. And this time, Lady Luck was on your side, or so you thought… “See, in my world..” The Bookie reveals, “The Bookie always wins. It’s all business.” He mentions while funneling away your winnings. “Nothing personal, kid.” And with that? His goons throw you out. Leaving you stranded, and with no other choice: REVENGE! Can you infiltrate the underground casino, break into the vault, and take back your winnings?

Kenner Location Only

10 Max Players
32% Success
30:18 Record

Alien EncounterAlien Encounter

The year is 2060. Earth has been invaded by an alien species known as the Voldran. The human race is nearing extinction. As part of an elite research crew aboard the starship Nuria, you have been tasked to travel to the outer reaches of space to locate the Voldran and uncover their weakness. But time is short, and resources are in limited supply. With just 45 minutes of oxygen remaining, you must navigate the inner depths of the Nuria and make your way to the control deck in order to make your escape. Earth has fallen, our leaders are dead, and you are civilizations last hope. They are coming… Minimum of 4 players is recommended. **Warning- Some strobe lighting at times**

Kenner Location Only

10 Max Players
62% Success
24:12 Record

Who are Ideal Clue Carré Teammates?

Competitive People

Gamers and athletes alike enjoy trying to beat the clock. Getting out in time is the ultimate victory, but the true glory lies in comparing your efforts against those who have previously completed the game.

Friends & Relatives

Another night at the movies, a restaurant or the bowling alley is fun, but Clue Carré offers a unique opportunity to bond over a common goal. It’s all the fun of game nights, with cooperation over competition.


Not your ordinary team building activity, Clue Carré is a great way to see your colleagues in a new light outside of the office. You will have to draw on everyone’s brainpower to solve these puzzles and make your escape!

NOLA Visitors

Take advantage of this fun diversion in between the historic tours and cocktail stops. Whether you are solo or traveling as part of a group, you can still come try your hand (and mind) at escaping from Clue Carré.

Ready to Tackle the Clues?

What is Clue Carré?

Clue Carré is New Orleans’ First Live Escape Game named after the French Quarter, aka the Vieux Carré. You and your friends, family, or colleagues are locked in a room together.

Your Goal? Find the clues, crack the codes, and solve the puzzles to escape the room in 60 minutes or less. It’s a great team building activity for colleagues, a fun event for friends looking for a new experience, and a great excuse for family time that gets everyone out of the house and off of their smartphones.


Where are we located?

New Orleans Location: 830 Union Street, Suite 101 in the Central Business District

Metairie Location: 2712 Athania Parkway, Metairie, LA 70002

Kenner Location: Surge Trampoline Park 6930 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie, LA 70003


Clue Carré - New Orleans' First Live Escape Game

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